New Client Tax Returns for 2018

We have been nearly overwhelmed with good people like you inquiring about tax preparation services.

As much as we’d like to, it is challenging to take on new tax return clients late in the tax season while providing high quality services to meet the approaching April 15th filing deadline.

If you are a new client and still need file your 2018 tax return, we can accommodate with the following process:

  • You deliver your 2018 tax information along with your 2017 tax return to our office.

    • This could be a brief meeting or simply dropped off, mailed or emailed.

  • Your return will be prepared on a preliminary basis. Then we will provide a close idea of your refund or amount owed.

  • If you owe, you will receive instructions on how to pay your tax by April 15.

  • Your return filing will be extended. (Please note this does not increase your fee from our office and does not increase your audit risk in any way)

  • After April 15 the returns will be finalized. Then we can find a time to meet to go over your tax return, sign it, and discuss 2019 taxes.

  • Please note it may take until sometime in June to have this meeting.

Thank you for considering this process. We deeply appreciate your interest and will do our best to care for your tax needs.

It is our policy to be upfront about tax preparation fees. Nobody wants the bill to be a surprise after the work is done. Personal tax preparation fees begin at $450. The fees rise with complexity like sole proprietor businesses, rental property, and investment activity. Many of these returns fall in a $550-$800 range, some more. You can expect to receive a firm price shortly after delivering your tax information.

Contact us to start the process