Finding the Right Partners to Advise Your Small Business

Successfully managing financial resources is important in both new and growing businesses. Developing and implementing a financial plan that will ensure the success of your business is just one area of your business that demands attention. 

How might your vision and results change with the input of an experienced professional? 

It sometimes feels a bit lonely at the top. Many responsibilities and days that are too short mean a lot of great intentions are left untouched and explored. 

What if a business advisor with business management insight joined your team make suggestions on growth opportunities and profitability?

Business advisors can help you step back from your business and look at the bigger picture your business is painting, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you may have overlooked or are just too close to see. 

What if that business adviser was a Certified Public Accountant?

Not all CPAs are comfortable advising you on business strategy and growth. Most feel very comfortable in the complex world of taxes, payroll and bookkeeping – but few have the experience or desire to advise business owners in taking their companies to the next level. 

  • Looking at your numbers and results, your accountant is trying to help you pay the least amount of taxes.
  • A business adviser should be helping you create and monitor systems that earn you the most return on your investment.

Your revenue numbers and taxes have competing goals and objectives (not many folks are in business to pay the most amount of taxes) – perhaps 2 professionals are in order to create the perfect plan for your business.

Tom will work you, your team and current CPA to find the path to growth that meets your objectives. 

Posted on February 25, 2013 and filed under Business Consulting.