Business Services

At Bulger CPA, we offer tax preparation and consulting services for businesses. We want to go beyond crunching the numbers and provide you with valuable support and advice to help you reach your unique business goals.

Tax Preparation

For over 16 years, Bulger CPA has provided tax preparation services for corporations, S corporations, LLCs, and partnerships. Tax law is constantly changing and growing more complex. We'll take time understand your specific business needs and seek out opportunities for potential credits and reductions.

Understanding Your Business Structure

Your business structure determines the taxes you pay. So we'll take the time to explain what it means to be an S Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, LLC, or other business entity. It's our goal that you learn enough about your business so you feel successful and comfortable as a business owner.

Business Improvement Strategies

We believe good tax and financial services go beyond preparing your business tax return. We also want to increase your understanding as a business owner so you can grow your business with confidence. We're available for financial and tax consulting any time, not only when taxes are due.

We believe most business have greater financial potential that they're achieving. But it's hard to spot opportunities when you're managing the day to day. If you're feeling stuck and want to see your business thrive, we can help identify new areas for growth. We won't just deliver you a plan and walk away. We'll partner with you throughout implementation because we know that's often the hardest part.

Advice on Changing or Starting Your Business

If your business is undergoing change or you're launching a new one, we can identify and talk through financial considerations so you can plan for and pay the least amount of taxes possible. We'll assess financial and tax implications of major changes like:

  • Opening more locations
  • Moving to a different state
  • Launching a new business
  • Experiencing accelerated growth
  • Changing your business structure or operations model

Coaching and Training

Once we've sat down and talked through your business goals, there are a number of coaching sessions we can offer depending on your needs.

  • Building a winning team
  • Managing your cash flow
  • Succession planning
  • Leadership development

Talk to Tom

Call Tom today and schedule an appointment. We've been serving business in the White Bear Lake area for over 16 years. We'd love to learn more about your business and how we can help.